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Ryan Reynolds Does It Again

To be fair, Reynolds isn't the only mastermind behind Deadpool 2 but his performance as that role never ceases to be anything less that near perfection. At this point, I'm purely convinced that he was just born almost solely for that role.

Enough about just Reynolds though. There's a whole movie to discuss. For those who haven't seen it yet and wish to not have any spoilers, I will make a section of this review just for you as well as a segment for those who couldn't care less about spoilers. Let's get started.

No Spoilers

As I mentioned before, Ryan Reynolds's performance as the anti-hero is among the best that I have witnessed. His odd and mature humor that we witnessed in the first film does not let up in this exciting sequel that makes you debate your concepts of good and evil. The new characters introduced in this movie only leaves you with wanting to see more of them as a team and in some cases with their own movie.

Overall, with this film's action sequences, enthralling plot-line, and constant humor, I would have to give this film a rating of 8.5/10. There are still some changes I would have liked to have seen but nothing that made me want to stop watching the movie or think too badly of it. If you enjoyed the first one, odds are this one will still hold your attention. My only recommendation (as it stands with any movie) is to go in watching it with no expectations to enhance your experience. After all, I am just some random guy on the internet telling you what I think about the film. At any rate, if you do choose to watch it I hope that you are able to enjoy it and can tell me what you thought of it in the comments afterwards.


For those who do not care about spoilers, this section is for you.

This film was a complete emotional roller coaster. With the death of Vanessa (Wade's s/o) at the beginning of the film, it honestly hits pretty hard and does a great job of setting up Deadpool's inner conflict for the rest of the film. Watching him deal with her death for the rest of the film leads to several moments of emotional torment for both him and viewer as well as a few extra funny points that will stick in the mind.

Seeing the transformation of Russel Collins from an innocent mutant to an almost-mass-murderer is oddly easy to relate to. Maybe not so much the part about actually killing people but the events which lead to this change are. He never knew a moment when he wasn't a reject by society but being sent to a facility to make him "normal" was the final push it took for him to become violent.

Where we initially think Cable to be the bad guy for the first half of the film, we quickly learn that he is just trying to save the future from the real villain, Russel. Knowing what Russel is capable of becomes almost off-putting at first but also starts to make sense when we meet his partner, Juggernaut. This unexpected appearance fit seamlessly into the story.

The ending had me worried for a moment until it actually finished. I was fully convinced that Wade Wilson was dead for good but Cable's act of selflessness to save him was relieving and heartwarming. With both of his time travel charges used up, Cable is unable to return to his family in the future but in doing so saved the life of everyone's favorite merc with a mouth.

The potential for a third film in this franchise feels very possible to me but I suppose only time will be able to tell. If you have already watched the film, feel free to tell me what you thought of it down in the comments!

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