• Christian Sorensen

Don't stop.

Lately I have found myself in a bit of a slump where I have been lacking motivation and inspiration to work on my films. In other words, I have become lazy over the past week. Regret started to set in not to long after and it was then I decided I had to be my own inspiration. While I do fully believe that creativity is only caused by an open mind and experience, it is up to the individual to have those rather than sitting on the couch playing the new Spider-man game.

When someone feels they are lacking motivation and inspiration to do what they love, something needs to change. Passions are supposed to drive us 24/7 even if it leaves us exhausted and ready to be done. They should bring us to a point where we want to say, "no more," but keep going anyways because we love them too much.

Even though this is usually the case for me and film, it is still possible to get distracted by the wrong thing. I am not trying to excuse myself for my actions, just stating that it is merely natural for some to be veered into the wrong path for a short time. What shows the truth of our passion is the determination to get back on the right one.

What does this journey entail? Well that varies between individuals. For some, it's falling into a routine to get themselves motivated for their passion. For others, it's taking a short vacation for a fresh start. For me, it's just getting back to what I was doing before "the slump" and very quickly I will get back into enjoying it with a revitalization to keep me going. It us entirely up to you to grab yourself by the bootstraps and get going again. The only limit to any thing someone wishes to achieve is them and the limits they build for themselves. I know that's a clichè but it is very true. If there is a will to do something, it can be done.

If you are telling yourself that you aren't worthy of getting where you want to be, I am here to tell you that you are 100% worthy provided you have the patience and tenacity to bear through all of the work and push through all of the tough times life will inevitably bring. Life is a grind we are all trying to make it through but with the right passion and pursuit, it feels a lot more like a joyride.

Now get out there, hype yourself up, and dedicate yourself to what you love!

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